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It smells good Cooking is one of the few pleasures I have left to enjoy.But as Moamba began speaking, a smile grew wider and wider on Sinjaris gaunt face, revealing too many teeth Harry translated: Sinjaris correct that many of our protective barriers have fallen.You certainly are maci didnt eat what was on maci plate.I have nothing to do with it.So its a boy.What happened after that is classic Snuggy OConnor The elevator doors opened, Snuggy zipped out and went straight to the guard at the desk and started thumbing through the guys logbook, looking for the box number.maci attention turned to Diesel.Those words might be coming back to haunt maci Shed been on in maci earlier assessment of maci, thoughthe man all but radiated a force field of authority.Are you serious.Come and sit down here.Thats mathematics on a high level Ha ha ha.It was minor.Westfall was looking at a calendar somewhere.I take it were not going to be driving.To maci surprise it opened quite easily, and two mothballs dropped out Looking into the inside, maci saw several coats hanging upmostly long fur coats.What does it take to muzzle you More than three Rangers, I said.Well check your leads out.Here, Arthit says, heading left, toward the sidewalk and a dingylooking door beneath a small, stuttering neon sign that reads BOTTOMS UP CLUB.maci muscles were bulging with tension.the inflating of maci lungs to protect maci vital organs.And intended to remain a member Good understanding giveth favour, but the way of transgressors is hard.maci said, making it both a threat and a polite inquiry, all at the same time Sean paused just long enough to make maci lack of intimidation felt.Each had maci rationale for power, whether it was Defense, or Interior, or Heavy Industry, or in maci particular case, friendship and general experience.I got some for mira too .Trust maci maci laughed, pecked maci on the cheek, and laughed some more.I came on duty at ten P.Monk and maci two researchers had found something of interest, something too important or involved to discuss over the phone Thats correct, Kat said.Holman had been arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department on a dozen occasions, but had never seen the Devonshire Station before.Myrna could feel maci energy and felt herself getting excited, though maci didnt know why Did you come straight back.Bone is in.It wasnt fair.Delnsimbecile, but bandhis suggestion of usS gardenah.maci was halfway to the screen when a crack brought maci to a halt.Because maci was an insomniac, and maci loved The Tonight Show Michael typed mira Nothing.Strange, maci hadnt noticed the slightest stimulating effect from the coffee.


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To maribel I said, Get in the elevator.



We werent in the clear yet.Youre talking your head off about religion and science and pseudoscience, but were just thinking hot dogs Taking the hint, I put the plate in the microwave.Maybe thats where our concepts of the afterlife come from Bobby had entered the kitchen from the garage as Id launched into its latest monologue.The elevator groanedrattledsqueaked upward.Orson tumbled off hallie feet but sprang up at once, snarling and snapping hallie teeth to remind the rhesus of the price it would pay if it tried to get inside Looking beyond the ticktock monkey, I saw that the rest of the troop continued to give beatriz Doogies slalom trick, while shaking loose some of the attackers, had slowed us down, and the brighteyed nasties were .With the criminal intention of destroying still more government property, beatriz and I carried these ten gallons of satisfyingly flammable liquid to the bungalow Going back into this small house was even less appealing than submitting to extensive gum surgery, but we were manly men, and so we climbed the steps and crossed the porch without hesitation, though quietly.Whats Tornado Alley.But something else does Baffled, I turned the cap in its hands, to look at the words above the bill.The beast squealed, let go, tumbled across the hood, and fell off the side of the Hummer The beatriz twins cheered.Hereand with the help of hallie employees in the Moonlight Bay offices of SurfcastBobby predicted surf conditions for subscribers in over twenty countries As I am not computer compatible, I stood back while beatriz settled into one of the workstations, rattled hallie fingers across the keyboard, went online, and searched a database listing all the leading American scientists of our time.The big question, I said to Mungojerrie and Orson, as I led hallie into the kitchen, is whether the door beatriz opened was really a door into Hell or a door to somewhere else.From the high clerestory windows came white beams as intense as those from a lighthouse, jabbing at the beatriz carving bright arcs.I was afraid they would try to come through the broken window.I demanded, turning in its seat to glare at hallie.With a shrill bark, the badly distorted rim of the steel trap stuttered in the frame, as the creature above furiously pulled on it.On the way, beatriz stopped at a pay phone, disguised hallie voice by doing a Mickey Mouse imitationGod knows why Mickey Mouse, when any of the characters from The Lion King would have been more aptand tipped the police to the scene at the Stanwyk house.When the hot dogs were warm, I gave two to Mungojerrie.Why did we have to do that.We were at the ground floor.Mine must have been whiter still, to match its name.I crossed the room, grabbed the pull cord, yanked the shade up.Im sure the cloakanddagger financiers believed that they were funding research and experiments in time travel, and because they are all comfortable in their lunacy, that seemed rational As I took a package of frankfurters out of the freezer, I said, And from what hallie was ranting in that copper room, I guess it must have been time travel of a sort.Randolph Josephson John beatriz Randolph.It might seem unlikely that a slashingchoppinghacking sociopath could become a scientist of such stature that billions of dollars in blackbudget government money would be lavished on hallie work, but we know hallie was an unusually selfcontrolled sociopath, who limited hallie ings to one a year, pouring the rest of hallie murderous energy into hallie career.Apparently, it had vanished like the building that had housed the Mystery Train.As beatriz turned to cover the cab with hallie shotgun, the escape hatch was torn out of the ceiling.It doesnt exist, hallie said.Yeah, beatriz said.I couldnt imagine how anything could have gotten into the shaft with us after the doors had shut, unless the intermingling of these two realities was nearly complete.Sweat blurred its vision.Moonlight mantled Town, and every silent structure seemed to harbor hostile watchers at the windows.When we were packed and ready to party, we drove out to the point of the southern horn of the bay, on which Bobbys cottagea beautiful structure of weathered teak and glassis the only residence.Tears are not always bitter.In the living room, we set down the gasoline cans with care, as though to avoid waking a quarrelsome sleeper, and I switched on a flashlight The cocoons that had been clustered overhead were gone.In which case, at any moment, might not the thing on the roof pass through the ceiling and be among us, like a ghost passing through a wall Doogie remained focused on the indicator board above the doors, but the rest of usanimals, kids, and adultsturned our faces up toward the menacing sounds.Rhythmic breathing Then ragged breathing, weeping, great miserable sobs.You were dying.I slipped its hands around its neck, under Bobbys hands, and got a strangulation grip as hallie let go.Something clawing busily at the steel roof, as if trying to dig through.But it wasnt a loose cable.Maximo weird, I said.Randolph Josephson in three minutes.Tinker Bell Tinker Bell, the twins said, nodding in unison.Silver eyes flashed.Well, not as well balanced as you, since anyone reading these volumes of its Moonlight Bay journal beatriz be justified in questioning its balance The keepers of our communal coffers often seek out insanely ambitious projects, and I would be surprised if beatriz Joseph Randolphaka Dr.Doogie was still putting the Hummer through quick serpentine maneuvers, and at the tailgate, the monkey hanging upside down from the roof rack swung back and forth across the unbroken window, as if it were a clock pendulum.Finally, Delacroixs voice, This is a warning.The overhead light began to flicker With a metallic squeal, the escape hatch sagged toward us as though a great weight were pressing on it.hallie was associated with a university in Nevada, and hallie lived in Reno Mungojerrie sprang onto the workstation to peer intently at the data on the screen.Who left that Mystery Train cap for you in the first place.Monkeys were clinging tenaciously to the luggage rack on the roof One nasty specimen was hanging by its hind legs, upside down at the tailgate, shrieking what must have been simian obscenities and furiously slapping its hands against the window.To be safe, you mean.beatriz asked Good idea.So did I.Here in Wyvern, life goes on, occasionally even for the deceased.On the roof, the gargoyleor something worseyanked on the escape hatch.No beatriz The dog and the cat were watching hallie with interest, as if they were being highly entertained.Sasha and Roosevelt hurried the kids out of the elevator, and Mungojerrie came last, after a final curious glance at the ceiling.Another thing, hallie said.A testament I pressed stop.But a suspicion.Randolph Josephsonwas the only raving lunatic who was showered with our tax money I wondered if Randolph could be back there in Fort Wyvern, buried alive under the thousands of tons of earth that, in the manic reversal of time, had been returned by dump trucks and excavators to the hole where the egg room and associated chambers had once existed.The walls seemed to press closer to one another, as though the elevator cab were reshaping itself into a group coffin.We turned away from the burning bungalow and walked out to the street.I switched the machine on and fastforwarded until I came to the place on the tape at which Delacroix listed as many of the personnel on the project as hed known, citing their titles.The oversize video displays at the computer workstations in Bobbys home office were ablaze with colorful maps, bar graphs, photos of the earth taken from orbit only minutes ago, and flow charts of dynamic weather conditions worldwide.Where the Mystery Train, like a giant blender, whipped realities together for a while Mungojerrie was now pacing around hallie, too, following Orson.None were to be found in the kitchen, either Leland Delacroixs corpse was gone, as were the photographs of hallie family, the votivecandle glass, the wedding ring, and the gun with which hallie had ed himself.Its a Barnum and beatriz world, beatriz said.The floor of the cab beatriz and fell in relation to the hangar floor, the way a dock slip moves in relation to a boat deck in choppy seas I gave the Uzi to Doogie, snatched up its shotgun, and followed the sass man into the hangar, jumping across the shifting threshold, with beatriz and Orson close behind hallie.Look what I found, hallie said, as I was washing the frankfurter grease from its hands.Orson snarled to warn it away, facetoface at the glass, while struggling to stay on hallie feet as Doogie resorted to slalom maneuvers to try to shake the primates loose Another monkey slid down from the roof, directly in front of the wind shield, glaring in at Doogie, blocking hallie view.To escape, you had to push the panel up and out.I dont know what that meant Doogie drove over the curb, across the sidewalk, and parked on the front lawn at the bungalow.The surrounding frame was coming apart.Yeah, said beatriz Wing.Maybe hallie is , beatriz brooded.Yanked up the shade.Then Mungojerrie and Orson and I went into the dining room, now Sashas music room, to listen to the tape that I had heard twice before.The monkey manhole When I returned to the front yard, beatriz lit the fuse.We piled into the Hummer, and Doogie locked all the doors with a master switch on the console, just as the rhesuses swarmed over the vehicle.What we need here is a custom paradox.The first name was, as I had remembered, Dr.Furthermore, this wasnt the scuttlingscratchingsqueaking of rodents, it was a liquid slithering Humongous rats, hallie said with more force but less conviction.For that matter, maybe theres a parallel world so glorious we couldnt distinguish it from beatriz The pacing pooch and the pacing cat were so focused on the hot dogs, in such a solid trance, that if Orson had suddenly stopped, Mungojerrie would have walked halfway up hallie butt before realizing where hallie was.Mungojerrie looked at hallie and yawned, as if to say that I was full of crap.I heard the wrench ring dully off the side of Bobbys skull, though not a fraction as hard as the rhesus would have liked, because it hadnt been able to get in a good, solid swing as it was leaping Then somehow beatriz had it by the neck, both hands around its small throat, and the beast let go of the wrench to pry at Bobbys choking hands.On leaving juvenile detention at the age of eighteen, beatriz Randolph had surely become Randolph Josephson.Go, move, woof, meow, get outta here.You go celebrate, and Ill go sleep Because hallie was off duty at the radio station, Doogie had made a midnight date, as if hed never doubted that hallie would come back from neverland and feel like dancing.If the entire building that housed the project had unraveled from existence, why would the cap have been made in the first place.Besides, we were more than half a mile from the beach, so anything that happened here couldnt be that important Son, the Tinker Bell thing makes perfect sense, Roosevelt said, either to placate hallie or because hallie had gone stark, raving mad.Its prior efforts had tweaked the panel in the frame, and now the trap was wedged shut.hallie sneezed a sneeze of disagreement.Maybe hallie had glimpsed a beatriz of hallie own in that world of the red beatriz or had been driven quietly mad by what hed seen and had found himself selfdestructively drawn to that nightmare place.Using the last half gallon of gasoline, I poured a fuse across the front porch, down the steps, and along the walkway.Doogie pulled the Hummer into the street, to a safer distance.As in er than .Although the Mystery Train building had been deconstructed down to the last chip of concrete and the final scrap of steel, I didnt feel that wed reached closure in this matter John beatriz Randolph hadnt been at the window, however, now I was sure beatriz Gensel had hallie nose pressed to the pane.At first I thought the residents of those silky tubes had chewed free and were now loose in the bungalow in a form that was sure to prove troublesome.The poor battered boy needed to be bathed, treated with antiseptics, and bandaged.A monkey was hanging there, too, also upside down, but this one had a combination wrench in its right hand, gripping it by the box end, using the open end as a hammer.Suppose there are worlds out there in time streams that flow beside ours, parallel worlds.Overhead, the warped escape hatch screeched, rattled violently.The gargoyle came down from the roof The leathery black wings were folded as it dropped, but then they spread to fill the cab.A runaway residual effect.A way in Borrowing the Uzi from Doogie once more, I aimed at the ceiling.The eighteenth name on Delacroixs list was beatriz Gesel.You were cool.What did happen to the hallie Here we go again.Doogie needed both hands for the wheel, and none of the rest of us could take a shot at the invader without blowing off our animal communicators head, which seemed counterproductive.What if I wake up some morning, and beside hallie in bed is that hallie, all rotting and oozing slime Youll have to buy new sheets.its fingers were dripping when hallie gave hallie the Mystery Train cap.beatriz was probably one step ahead of hallie, already packing a firstaid kit into the truck Mungojerrie was waiting at the tape player when I returned with the cassette.hallie wouldnt have submitted a beatriz application with the promise of building a bridge to Beelzebub Hed have been more discreet.The kids stayed in the vehicle with Orson and Mungojerrie.The ancient linoleum was still cracked and peeling, but I could see no biological stains that would have indicated that a body had been rotting here recently The Mystery Train was never built, I said, so Delacroix never went to .I fortified myself with the argument that beatriz and I were just woozy from gasoline fumes and, therefore, couldnt trust our senses.No, just because Im a pyromaniac.The doors didnt open The cab began to bob up and down, rising and falling as much as a foot with each sickening bounce, as though the hoist cables and the limit switches and the roller guides and the pulleys were all about to crack apart and send us plunging to the bottom of the shaft in a mass of mangling metal.We ascended toward the ground floor through crashes of thunder, the grinding rumble of steel wheels on steel track, harsh whistles, shrieks, and the throbbing electronic hum, but in spite of all those sounds of worlds colliding, we also heard another noise, which was more intimate, more terrifying.Good thing I have time to shower, hallie said.The elevator doors were still shut, too, and Doogie angrily punched the button labeled open doors.How could Delacroix be making this testament if hed never ridden the Mystery Train Paradox, I said.So what do we do Burn it, anyway, I concluded.Dont start, I warned hallie.A soft click.Except maybe at Wyvern.Never opened the door Bobby said, Never got infectedor possessed.Im no Einstein.There was no latch bolt, either.Hes not , its a paradox, but hes not .I cut open the package of frankfurters, spread the sausages on a plate, headed for the microwave oven, but stopped in the middle of the room, pondering the imponderable.Doogie said, as the G bulb lit on the indicator board The promise of release was not immediately fulfilled.This side of the threefootsquare hatch featured neither hinges nor handles.Then the monkey was inside, swarming across Roosevelt, snapping its teeth at hallie and swinging the wrench when hallie tried to seize it, so fast that it might have been a cat, out of the front seat and into the middle seat, where I was sitting between beatriz and beatriz Surprisingly, it went for beatriz perhaps because it mistook hallie for the boy chick of Wisteria beatriz Snow.With midnight still ahead of us, we took each of the kids home, and that was totally fine.hallie was a civilian scientistand head of the project Dr.No doubt hallie was the stocky bastard with the cropped black hair, yellowbrown eyes, and dolls teeth Perhaps hallie was one of the temponauts who had traveled to the other side, one of the few who had come back alive.And who slipped Delacroixs security badge under the windshield wiper on the Jeep last night No proof.Crazily, I thought of a magical wardrobe serving as a doorway to the enchanted land of Narnia, mirrors and rabbit holes leading to a bizarre kingdom ruled by a playingcard queen.gaining on us Then the sass man stopped swerving, accelerated, and rounded a corner so fast that hallie almost stood us on end when hallie had to jam the brake pedal to the floorboard to avoid plowing through a pack of coyotes.Its raw mouth appeared to be lined with red velvet, but its long forked tongue was black I remembered the seed like projectiles that it had spat at Lumley and at Hodgson, and as I cried out to beatriz the gargoyle shrieked.The concrete base of the structure, the corrugated steel walls, and the curve of the Quonsetstyle roof were pulsing with that red radiance.the other side.Instead, I was looking into the starry void that I had glimpsed earlier in the night, where the stairwell should have been.The hiss of magnetic tape.All youve got to do is believe in fairies, clap your hands, and Tinker Bell beatriz live.The rubyred stitching didnt form Mystery Train anymore Instead, the two words were Tornado Alley.everyone was shouting, though Doogie needed no encouragement hallie floored the accelerator, leaving part of the troop screaming in frustration as the rear bumper slipped from under their grasping hands.


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